George Logan



Time and time again politicians create more problems than they solve. It’s time for something different. It’s time for sensible, experienced, reliable leadership. img-signature


The cost of everything from a gallon of gas to food, childcare and healthcare is rising due to inflation, taxes and one-size-fits-all policies that are breaking the backs of our workers, families, and small businesses. Simply put, a dollar doesn’t go as far as it should.

As a state lawmaker, George fought to make Connecticut more affordable, and he’ll stand up to the status quo that is making it harder every day for working people in Connecticut to make ends meet.


Fiscal Stability

We don’t need to grow government. We need to grow a healthy economy and that starts from the bottom-up by letting workers, families, and job creators decide how to spend their hard-earned money, not politicians in Washington.

George has a strong record of solving Connecticut’s fiscal problems. In the State Senate, George worked across party lines to restore fiscal stability in Connecticut, ushering in a true cap on spending, and borrowing and reforms that put $4.5 billion in our state’s rainy-day fund for the first time in decades.


Supporting Small Businesses

While small businesses continue to struggle, Congress continues to pass partisan bills that check Washington D.C.’s priorities but miss the rest of America. He runs a small business, and as a State Senator, he fought against policies that don’t work for us.

Job-killing policies that have crushed small businesses are making it harder for our economy to recover. We need to support our small businesses by getting politicians out of the way and doing whatever we can to train the workforce with the skills they need to succeed.


Opportunity in Education

George’s parents set him on a path to be the first in his family to graduate from college and allowed him to go on to find a job as an engineer and eventually earn his master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

He is living the American dream because his parents found a school that fit his needs. George Logan believes every parent should be able to find a school and a curriculum that works for their family. A one-size-fits all approach to education that puts special interests ahead of students and teachers is failing our communities and our kids.


Radical Sensibility

The status quo isn’t working for the people of Connecticut and it’s certainly not working in Washington, D.C., either. It’s time for someone different to tackle the problems we face and provide diversity of ideas, solutions and life experiences that break the mold with radical sensibility over radical partisanship.

George was a fighter in the State Senate and he’s ready to continue the battle in D.C. by putting an end to power grabs by out-of-touch politicians.